What I Learned: A Weekly Project

This year, I woke up on Jan. 1st with resolutions in mind (mostly other people’s), but I told myself I didn’t need to clutter my brain with impulsive goals. So, I waited a few days and thought about the one thing that would be THE resolution that would not only help myself, but it would potentially help others along the way. That’s when I thought of a weekly blog about what I had learned in design, life, photography, web layout, typography, anything! Since the lessons will vary week to week, there may be one big lesson or 10...20 compiled lessons. We’ll just have to see how this year plays out. What’s great about this is I’m documenting education on a weekly basis to remind myself I’m constantly learning new things and should strive for more, as well as passing along info to others who can learn from my mistakes or successes. So, to kick off the first week, my first list of the year is below! 



1. Following up

- I’m talking about e-mails, phone calls & texts you send after you’ve met with a client or held an interview. This is something I struggled with in my own business for years. I would get an email from a potential client, send out a thoughtful response with a pdf price guide and two weeks would fly by so quickly I would forget to follow up with the client to ask if they had any questions or would like to schedule a meeting to go over more details. This is common practice and something I needed to nail down in order to survive in the freelance world. Since I’ve feel following up with interviews and clients on a regular basis, I’ve seen a huge increase in positive interaction, quick bookings and a much more enjoyable experience because the client/employer appreciates the communication and time you spent thinking about them  

2. Using a new (to me) app called 'Over' to create quick social media design posts

- including the featured image above! I have had this app sitting on my phone for a couple of years now and only fidgeted with it a few times. This week I made an effort to learn the interface so I could quickly make a beautiful text based image perfectly sized for social media. There are hundreds of free design assets and fonts within the app to use on any custom digital project. There is also a paid version that unlocks pro graphics, but I am just fine with the free version. Check out more of what I made with the app below.